Evia Summer Camp

Barracao da Capoeira Athens presents Capoeira Summer Event in Evia.


The northern section of the island of Evia is an extremely beautiful and tranquil area. With the stunning scenery of green forests and the blue waters of the sea, it is a place where one can easily relax and unwind from the stress and noise of city life.

There are many charming towns and villages spread all across the northern region of Evia, which are ideal destinations for your holidays and travel on the island.
For those who enjoy the sun and sea, there are some beautiful beaches scattered all along the coast of north Evia.

These beaches are ideal for relaxing away the day under the sun, and enjoying the cool refreshing waters.


Mestre Pepeto – Barracao da Capoeira Athens
Contra Mestre Marcelo Obama – Cordao de Ouro Rostok – Germany
Contra Mestre Horrivel – Cordao de Ouro Milan – Italy
Treinel Caicara – Barracao da Capoeira Volos – Greece

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