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He was born in the city Guarantingueta, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1981. He is student of Mestre Ze Antonio and later of Mestre Poncianinho of the group “Barracao da Capoeira” of Brazil .
In 2004 he received the title of “Professor” in Capoeira, a certified Teacher’s Title of Capoeira  from the Federation of Capoeira in Brazil, while in 2005 he received the certification of “Contra Mestre”. At the same time, he becomes a member of the dance team CDO GUARA, and participates in various presentations of Afrobrazilian dances (maculele, danca do fogo, danca guerreira) and Capoeira in Sao Paulo. The same time period, he teaches Capoeira in adults and children in Sao Paulo.
In 2007 he comes in Greece in order to teach Capoeira in adults.
In 2009 he creates a Capoeira and Afrobrazilian dance team (samba de roda, maculele, African dance, dance of fire, dance of warriors) with the name CDO ATHENS and collaborates with businessmen in various events of advertising character (Forthnet, Sony, Nivea, Fnac). Moreover he collaborates with the Municipality of Athens, as well as with the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios (Attiki).

In 2013 he distracts the Teachers’ Title “Mestre”.

He has given Capoeira seminars at “THE PLACE” and at “DANCE ATTIK” in London(England), Russia, France, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Cyprus. He has organized for 2 years not only the annual competition of his Capoeira Group  under the auspices of the German School of Athens “Doerpfeld Gymnasium”, but also Capoeira seminars at the school facilities of the German School. Moreover in 2004 he took part at the 52th Lefkas’ Folklor Festival. In February 2016 he presented a Maculele show at the television station “Alpha” on the TV program “Bradi me ton Petro Kostopoulo”.

He lives and works in Athens since 2007, and he has taught Capoeira in several dance schools (Dance Cultural Center, Open Space Studio, Danzarin, Igiosomatiki, Oriental Expression, Alkmini Theater, Thodoris Panas Athens Dance School).

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You can contact Mestre Pepeto for Shows at his email address: pepeto.capoeira@gmail.com, his phone: 698 507 4663 or you can complete the form below…
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